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About RentMate

We've made handling rent payments easy...

RentMate is designed to provide an easy, cost - effective, and secure payment system for Real Estate Agents and their Tenants.

We have listened to the concerns and challenges facing Real Estate Agent operators and have custom-designed a solution that meets the needs of Property Managers and the administrative team, while satisfying the budgets of the office and the lifestyle needs of the Tenants.

RentMate is powered by StrataPay, established in 2001, StrataPay operates in more than 35 different industries

with over 14,000 registered billers. StrataPay is responsible for processing millions of dollars in transactions every day.

Combined, these two organisations bring together the strength of years of experience in the Real Estate Industry, an understanding of the particular needs and wants of both Real Estate Agents and Tenants, and the technology advancement provided by a company with great knowledge and experience in providing payment processing solutions to businesses.


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