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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How Does RentMate work?
    1. RentMate provides Real Estates and Tenants with the commonly accepted payment options as ways to pay their rent. Regardless of which payment channel a Tenant chooses, RentMate combine the payments together into a single settlement file and an accompanying detail reconciliation report. Tenants are issued with a individualised RentMate Payment Card which holds non-personal unique reference information that unique identifies them to their particular Real Estate.
  2. Do we need to change bank accounts?
    1. RentMate is totally bank independent, which means no changes are required to your existing banking arrangements.
  3. How much does it cost?
    1. RentMate is totally free to Agents – There are no establishment fees, no transactional fees, and no monthly fees. This is a user pays system.
  4. How long does it take for monies to be deposited into my bank account?
    1. All monies take 2 to 3 business days to appear on your bank account.
  5. How do I log into the administration console?
    1. Go to https://www.rentmate.com.au . then select Real Estate Login and Login with your e-mail address and the password we Supplied you when you registered with RentMate
  6. How do I allocate a card to a Tenant?
    1. Log into the administration console. With your e-mail address and the password. Select “Maintain your customer details” from the menu. Select the Tenant Reference number matching the card, click on the pencil and edit the details to allocate the Tenant Reference Number to a particular tenant and save the details. Attach the RentMate Payment Card to the Tenant Welcome Wallet. Please ensure that you also supply the Tenant with a password so they are able to log onto the website and check their previous payments.
  7. Where and how do I look up Tenant payments?
    1. You will be sent an email at the end of each day detailing the payments that have been made into your account. In addition, through the administration console, you are able to select “Custom Report Generator” and select a begin and end date for the report.
  8. What happens when I deactivate a card?
    1. This will automatically cancel any direct debits on that card. Plus the row that card is on will turn an orange colour. Although if you do this by accident do not worry as you can simply reactivate the card. In the same column you deactivated it.
  9. How do I open this report attached to my e-mail?
    1. Simply save it to a RentMate folder. Then open it with the appropriate program.
  10. Can we use this through our website?
    1. Yes if you wish to you can have your web developer link up our payment gateway to your existing shopping basket.
  11. 11. Which property management software suppliers are you compatible with?
    1. RentMate is compatible with all the major and several smaller property management software suppliers which means the payments file we email you every day, can be imported into your property management software for automatic reconciliation and receipting purposes. In addition we are currently working with several of these property management software providers to provide our clients with a higher level of integration between their software of choice and RentMate.
  12. How do I tell payments apart?
    1. Each card has its own unique Tenant Reference Number which identifies the Tenant to your Real Estate. This number ensures all payments are easily identified and reconciled once in your account.
  13. How do I generate an invoice?
    1. Log onto the administration console website .Go to the “Create invoices link”. Then select “Draft invoice online and generate”. Fill in the details of whom and what the invoice is for. Pick which card you want to use and click on the “Generate” button, to generate your invoice.

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